A Big Kindle Fire Giveaway

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Big, Big Kindle Fire Giveaway @ The Chaos and The Clutter

If this is your first time visiting The Chaos and The Clutter, WELCOME! I’m a disorganized, creative, scattered, homeschooling mom of seven. I am also a writer, adoption advocate and chocolate lover. Five of our seven kids are adopted and four have special needs, so there is never a dull moment around these parts!

This is me (on one of my better hair days!). My naturally curly hair does not often cooperate! My teeth aren’t actually this white in real life either… that’s thanks to photo editing! (just keeping it real!)

improved me

Here on my little home on the web, you will find everything from kids’ crafts to family friendly recipes to homeschooling helps to special needs parenting. I also share a lot of sensory bins, so many in fact that I actually wrote a book about them!

The main goal here at The Chaos and The Clutter is to share my quest to find the joy amidst the chaos and to help others to try to find it too. I have yet to win the clutter battle and I’m far from the perfect parent but I’m striving to someday be the mom and person I want to be. God’s not done with me yet!

I’m also good at stretching a dollar (feeding 7 kids has given me a lot of practise!) and want to pass savings along to my readers so every Monday, I feature This Week’s This & That, where I share free printables, freebies, deals and giveaways from around the web. It’s a small way that I can bless other families! I’m glad to know that 3 families will be blessed by this giveaway!

Now that you have learned a little about me… let’s get this AMAZING giveaway started and celebrate with gifts for YOU!

A Big Kindle Fire Giveaway Blog Hop www.teachersofgoodthings.com

Myself and a team of 22 other bloggers have joined together to offer 3 winners a Kindle Fire (valued at $159! each). Yep, we are giving away 3 Kindle Fires and there is a BIG chances you can win one but first you have to enter this BIG Giveaway Blog Hop.

Here is how it works…

  1. Comment on my blog by answering the question – you will get one entry
  2. Once you left a comment, enter as many or all of the entries by following or liking each of the Bloggers on the social media platforms you use – if you DO enter them all, you will get 46 entries in this giveaway for this option
  3. Visit the other bloggers to learn about the sponsors of this BIG Kindle Fire Giveaway and leave a comment to let us know you stopped by

If you counted it all up, you could have 47 chances to win a Kindle Fire, in 3 different drawings. If you don’t have enough time to enter all these entries or visit the sponsors right now, be sure to come back before October 1st, midnight EST, when it closes.

Let’s meet the Sponsors of this BIG Kindle Fire Giveaway Blog Hop…

The Library Adventure
SimplySherryl Extreme Couponing, Stretching a Buck Blog Gift of Curiosity
Daze of Adventure
Paradise Praises
Equipping Women for Today Free Homeschool Deals

Winners will be notified by their entry email on October 2nd, after they are confirmed as entering correctly. Winners have 48 hours to provide us with your mailing address before another winner is selected.

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  1. I would read on it. I would also add my daughter’s homeschool books/pdf’s on it.

  2. Janice Thompson says:

    Would love to win Kindle. I now read on iPod using Kindle app.

  3. I love this blog, there is always good advice!! If I had a Kindle Fire, I would read more often, but also my 4 kids would have more book options. My children all love to read and this would be awesome for them!!

  4. Read on the go.

  5. If I were to win I’d use it to read all the incredible homeschooling e-books that are out there.

  6. If I won a kindle fire it would be given to my son as a Christmas present. He has always wanted one so I would want to give it to him as an extra special gift.

  7. I would use the kindle to enhance our home schooling with books that can’t be lost and educational apps.

  8. Michelle O'Malley says:

    I would use it as 1 of our trio’s birthday present. Then we would only have to get 2 more πŸ™‚ We want to get them on ABC Mouse πŸ™‚ Thanks for the oppurtunity

  9. Love all the available free stuff for download for kids homeschooling – having it in one place & in color for lessons would be fab! Thanks for having this drawing!!

  10. I would use the Kindle Fire for my 5 kids that I homeschool!

  11. Michelle Benskin says:

    I would give mine to my daughter as a graduation gift, as she will graduate in May 2014 as a teacher in NC (tough state to survive on that!) and could use it in her classroom in Fall 2014. Thanks for the opportunity to enter! Good luck with your children and keep saving with all of us!!

  12. What a great way to learn at home or on the ‘go’. We can’t afford a Kindle, so this would be a great way to finally have one πŸ™‚

  13. A Kindle would be a very useful homeschooling tool in our house!

  14. My daughter and I would love to win a Kindle Fire. We would use it for so many things during our homeschool day!!

  15. Sherry Mullinax says:

    I’ve enjoyed following your blog and am looking forward to your next post! I would love to win a Kindle to read it on rather than my little phone screen!!

  16. I would use the kindle for preschool educational apps! I have been dying to add a little bit of e-learning to our home preschool time πŸ™‚

  17. I would use the kindle for homeschooling mostly. I’ve been wanting to get some kind of a tablet that my son and I could share. We’d have books on it, as well as some learning apps.

  18. When I read your blog name, all I could think was how perfectly it described my home! πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to read up on your posts! Thanks for being part of the giveaway!

  19. I would use it for reading books and the learning apps!

  20. Nalaisha Burnett says:

    I have been looking into getting a kindle and would love one for reading (a new hobby) and for our homeschool.

  21. this would be great for our homeschool we need some apps to change it up alittle

  22. patrick cordery says:

    my daughter would love this already she is telling me what she wants on her kindle when we win she’s so cute

  23. LaRae Jones says:

    I homeschool our children and we are also starting the process for foster/adopt so we need all the different things we can get to help the children learn the best they can.

  24. I would give it to my husband, so reading would be more convenient for him. And so we could pass the time on the airplane on our trip to China next year to pick up our kiddo!

  25. I would love a Kindle to enhance our homeschooling. My older 2 have gone, in two weeks, from hating the idea of chapter books to total bookworms! So a Kindle would be an awesome addition!

  26. Reading myself and to read to my 4.5 year old when we travel. My old black and white screen kindle is not as exciting for reading picture books πŸ™‚

  27. Kellie Brown says:

    I would use it to help homeschool my 3 kids!!

  28. Monica Corn says:

    I would use the Kindle to help our youngest child, Chloe who is 2 1/2, she has been diagnosed with Apraxia. It would help her with speech and brain stimulation.

  29. I would use it to help homeschool my son. I have books on my iPad that he reads and I’m never able to use it when I want or need to.

  30. I would use it to bring to many appointments etc instead of lugging books with us. It would also be useful for me since it’s so much lighter then a book…

  31. I’d use it to help the 2 older kids we are adopting learn English πŸ™‚

  32. We would use it in our homeschooling lessons for our three little boys! TY so much for this contest.

  33. Hi Sharia, I just entered this great giveaway you ladies are hosting, just stopping by to say thanks for the opportunity.

  34. We would use it mostly to supplement our homeschool. They can be great tools for drilling math facts etc. I also love the children’s books available.

  35. Reading, mostly, but I would love the access to apps and even movies!

  36. I have been trying (and failing!) to save for one of these for a year! Other (more important) things keep requiring my little savings bundle though. πŸ™

  37. Maggie Christians says:

    We would definitely use it for homeschooling. We are looking into purchasing one in the next month of so.

  38. We would use a Kindle in our home for homeschool… Activities, apps, ebooks. I love the Prime library and would love to give our girls their own Kindle to enhance their homeschool learning.

  39. I would use it to read and help my daughters learn to read.

  40. I would use it for reading the classics aloud to my daughter….or for some of the unit studies …..or for some educational games! The opportunities are endless πŸ™‚

  41. I would use a Kindle for school in every possible way. Apps, free books, movies, are just the tip of the iceberg.

  42. I would use it for homeschool stuff.

  43. Stephanie F. says:

    My son uses my old Kindle now. If I win, I would give it to him for Christmas:)

  44. Jessica Ferdon says:

    We would use it for homeschooling and I think I would read more if I had one.

  45. The kids would use it for homeschooling, my husband and I would use it to enjoy some reading while the kids are at their activities πŸ˜‰

  46. Maribelle S. says:

    My kids could use the Kindle for homeschooling purposes, educational games and apps, also I could use it to organize and keep track of their assignments and grades. Would be very beneficial for my family. πŸ™‚

  47. Lisa Lopacinski says:

    My son has a speech delay called Apraxia. There are lots of books and apps that we could use on the Kindle to help him.

  48. I would like a kindle to read. I love books. I also enjoy researching things. All would help with homeschooling my 10 children.

  49. I would love to read on the Kindle! πŸ™‚

  50. I would definitely use it keep homeschool based books and apps. My seven year old would be ecstatic!

  51. I stopped by from intoxicatedonlife and your blog is wonderful! A wealth of info for your readers. I am enjoying investigating and reading all of your wonderful posts. I thank you for your sharing!

  52. I entered the giveaway on one of the other blogs. Just leaving a comment to let you know I dropped by.

  53. A Kindle Fire would be an invaluable “go to” tool for our homeschool. We could use it for mapping, research and countless other activities to enrich our day to day learning.

  54. Heather G. says:

    New fan from the blog hop giveaway! πŸ™‚ I would use the Kindle Fire with my homeschool kiddos. So many great resources available now to use with the Kindle! (especially since I have a recent injury it would save me lots of moving around πŸ˜‰ )

  55. This would make for an awesome adoption fundraiser item if I were to win!

  56. Alison V. says:

    We would use this for our avid reader in the family. She is almost 8 and flies through books faster than we can get to the library.

  57. I would let use it for my purse sized tablet.

  58. I’d love to win! I really hate reading paper books! N I love to travel! A lot lighter!!!

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