Decluttering Day Six

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Today, the saying “sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better” is indicative of what my office now looks like!

Well, the de-cluttering challenge is in full swing and though there is now a patch of desk that is visible, the rest of the office actually looks worse as I attempt to sort through things, make piles, and find homes for papers that can’t be thrown away.  Just to prove to you that I am not just saying this, I am including a few pictures!

As you can see, there are areas that actually look WORSE!  But I know that there are over 700 items that used to be in this very room that have now found homes, mainly the trash and the box for Goodwill, so even though it looks worse, I keep reminding myself that it isn’t actually worse or more difficult to tackle than it was…it just looks like it is!

As for the humorous part of today’s de-cluttering challenge, I came across two books on my desk under a huge pile of papers that I have now found proper homes for.  I laughed when I saw that one of the books was open to a page and the heading on that page was “For the Home-Management Challenged”!!!

Apparently, more than a year ago, I bought these two books in an effort to help me get more organized and then I NEVER READ THEM!!!  Worse than that, I put them on my office desk, not on a bookshelf and they were actually contributing to the clutter!  The name of the book in which that one chapter was titled “For the Home-Management Challenged” is “Managers of Their Chores, a Practical Guide to Children’s Chores”.  The book that was underneath it, which I had never even opened up is called “Managers of Their Homes, a Practical Guide to Daily Scheduling for Christian Homeschool Families”.  These types of books might help me more if I actually read them!!!

I am planning to at least skim through these books and see if they can offer me some suggestions for getting the house more organized and even more importantly, keeping it that way!!!  I’ll let you know what I learn.


  1. It is so amazing the things we find to add to the clutter that we were hoping would help us. I have several books like yours adding to my clutter too. lol

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