Squishy Sky Sensory Bag

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This squishy sky sensory bag is simple to make and you only need a few materials. Depending on the age of your child, they can even help cut out the clouds to make the sensory bag.

Sky sensory bag is perfect for little explorers.Materials needed:

Using scissors, cut some cloud shapes out of the white foam sheet. If you are having your child help you with this step, you can lightly sketch the outline of a cloud with pencil and have them cut along the outline.

Place the foam clouds inside a resealable bag. Add a few items from the In the Sky toob and squeeze some blue hair gel or body wash into the bag. Remove excess air from the bag and seal.

I prefer to use a good quality freezer bag rather than a sandwich bag for sensory bags because they are more durable and I prefer the size as well.

If you’re using these sky sensory bags with younger children, you can secure the opening of the bag by folding strong clear packing tape or duct tape over the top of the bag. You can also do this to all sides of the bag for extra durability.

I used the same In the Sky toob to make a Sky Sensory Bottle and a Sky Sensory Bin. All of these were perfect during our Flight Unit in homeschooling.

Sky Sensory Bottle

Sky Sensory Bin

Arctic Sensory Bag

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Last week when I made our arctic sensory bottle, there were some really adorable items from the arctic toob that didn’t fit in the mouth of the bottle. I wanted to be able to use them, so I decided to make an arctic sensory bag with them. I also used what was left from the expired coconut I had used as the “snow” in the sensory bottle.

This arctic sensory bag uses a rather unconventional items as the "snow". It is a cute activity to add to a winter or arctic theme unit.This sensory bag is particularly easy to make because it requires very few materials.

Materials needed:

Place the flaked coconut and items from the arctic toob into the resealable bag. Remove the excess air and seal.

If you are creating this sensory bag for younger children, you will want to seal the bag with duct tape or heavy, clear packing tape after closing it so that they aren’t able to open it. You may also want to fold the tape over the other sides of the bag as well to reinforce it. I choose to use good quality freezer bags for my sensory bags rather than sandwich bags because they are more durable.

This arctic sensory bag and the arctic sensory bottle would work well for a theme unit on the North.

Arctic Sensory Bottle

St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bag

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After the ease of creating our St. Patrick’s Day sensory bottle, I decided to make this St. Patrick’s Day sensory bag using some of the leftover supplies for my kids to enjoy.

This St. Patrick's Day sensory bag is a simple activity to set up for March.For my sensory bags, I use the medium size freezer bags because they are slightly larger and much more durable than sandwich baggies.

One of my daughters loved the squishy feeling of this sensory bag (as you can see from the pictures above!)

Materials needed:

  • medium sized resealable freezer bag
  • clear or light green hand sanitizer
  • large shamrock confetti
  • sparkly clovers (I found these at the dollar store, but you could use these glittered buttons instead)
  • plastic gold coins
  • optional: clear packing tape

Fill the bag with the hand sanitizer and then place the other items inside. You could also add other green items or a plastic rainbow. Remove excess air and seal the bag. If you are making this for younger children, I would suggest adding clear packing tape over the opening so that they don’t open it.

Sensory bags are a great way to explore through touch and sight. They are a simple sensory activity without the potential mess of a sensory bin.

St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bottle

St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin

I Spy Christmas Sensory Bag

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I love to make crafts and activities with the kids based on books. It’s a fun way to help reinforce what they saw in the book. The inspiration for this I Spy Christmas sensory bag is the book I Spy ChristmasI Spy Christmas Sensory Bag based on the I Spy Christmas bookLast year, we made a Christmas Counting I Spy Sensory Bottle and the kids really enjoyed discovering what they could see inside it.

This year, after reading I Spy Christmas and finding the hidden things within its pictures, I made this simple I Spy Christmas Sensory Bag.

To make this Christmas sensory bag, all you will need is:

  • medium sized resealable bag
  • coconut flakes
  • bag of small Christmas shaped buttons or small Christmas themed trinkets

We actually found a bag of flaked coconut that was very expired when one of my sons was helping me clean out the pantry so it was perfect to use in this sensory activity rather than wasting it.

Place the coconut and Christmas shapes inside the resealable bag and close. For younger children, you can also add packing tape folded over the top so that they can’t open it.

Ours included shapes like a Christmas tree, gingerbread men, stockings, and most importantly, baby Jesus. After all, it is Him that we celebrate at Christmas and Him that I most want my kids to focus on even in a simple sensory bag. Jesus is the treasure waiting to be discovered in this sensory bag and in our lives.

i-spy-christmas-sensory-bag-squareThis activity is part of a series of activities with children’s Christmas books. Follow along this week to see the fabulous ideas! 10 bloggers, 10 books and 10 days of Christmas Activities inspired by children books that are faith based. Make sure to follow along, you can take a look at the schedule over at Inspired by Familia blog. Here are our fabulous bloggers: Inspired by Family, Meaningful Mama, Teaching Mama, Beautiful Messy Motherhood, Happy Home Fairy, Simple home Blessings, The Chaos and the Clutter, Creative Family Fun, True Aim Education and Sunshine Whispers!


Christmas Counting I-Spy Sensory Bottle