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Are you struggling to understand and make a connection with your child?

move from feeling desperate and ill-equipped to confident and capable.


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There is hope.

When you join The Chaos and The Clutter Community Center, you will connect with moms who understand your struggles and are there to offer support. You will find the resources you need and the answers you've been looking for.

Videos to better equip you

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Exclusive resources to inform you

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private facebook group to connect you

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renewed hope and confidence in your parenting

The Chaos and The Clutter Community Center

Simply click here to become a member of The Chaos and The Clutter Community Center.

You will have access to videos, printables, resources, and our private Facebook group for members. New content is added monthly on topics such as sensory needs, calming tips, special needs parenting, early childhood trauma, 


Connect with and empower your child.

Begin finding joy in parenting again. You will come to a better understanding of your child and gain the skills to lead them down the road to self-regulation and equip them with confidence. 


Connect with other moms who've been there.

You are not alone. There are other moms who feel like you do, who question their ability to parent their high needs child. Experience that "me too" moment in our private community group.


Start Today!

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What's inside the community center?

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