The Family

The Husband:

The Husband is a Mortgage Broker by trade.  He works hard to provide for our family in this economy where his industry has been hard bit.

He loves following politics, especially World Politics, which I do not even pretend to understand.  He likes to read and learn.   He dabbles here and there in Real Estate.  He knows obscure facts and is a whiz at geography.

He is the world’s most amazing father and I am thankful every day that my kids have a real “Daddy”.  I had a father growing up, but always longed for a “Daddy” and it is truly the best gift I could have given to my children.  I love watching him with them.  They shriek with delight the minute he gets home and he spends quality and quantity time with each of them.

He mountain bikes and goes to Moab, Utah most summers to test his mountain biking skills and endurance.

He loves to travel and has trekked around most of Europe and many parts of North America and a tiny bit of Africa.  He dreams of us all living in a foreign country for a year and is always trying to plan his next adventure.  He wants to take each of our kids on a special trip when they are 15 or 16.  In 2010, he and The Ferrari went to Ethiopia for their trip.  Fred is looking forward to next year when he and The Husband will be going to Thailand.

The Husband is spontaneous and adventurous.  but… He likes an organized and tidy house, which creates a fair amount of conflict since I am not naturally organized or tidy.  He loves his family, both his siblings and parents and the kids and I.  He is the funniest man I know and he and I have a lot of fun together!

When he grows up, The Husband wants to be a set scout for Survivor. His favourite food is Mexican.

The Ferrari:

The Ferrari is 17.  He loves to skateboard in Summer and Snowboard in Winter.

He is a super hard worker.  He has a job that he has worked at for 2 years and every weekend morning, he gets up before 5 a.m. and gets ready before waking The Husband to drive him to work.  He is extremely reliable about getting himself up for work and for school.

He is outgoing and fun.  He is also a bit of a goofball!  He is generous.  He is a self-starter.  He is a teenager who is imperfect and makes mistakes, but I enjoy getting to see the young man he is growing into.

The Ferrari plans to do a plumbing apprenticeship next year and his favourite food is Tropical Hawaiian Pizza.


Fred loves hockey, both watching and playing.  He longboards in summer and skates, swims, and plays hockey in winter.

Fred is more of an introvert.  He is very sweet and usually kind, but has a wicked stubborn streak!   He is helpful and fun.  He is reflective and thoughtful, but then there’s that stubborn streak!

He plays well with his younger siblings and is an awesome big brother.  He likes to spend time with his friends and chooses friends wisely.

Fred has a hard time falling asleep at night and then sleeps in late in the mornings.  He likes to drink Coke (which I try not to see as a betrayal as I am loyal to Pepsi!) and has a huge collection of hockey cards.

Fred wants to be a dad when he grows up and his favourite food is chilli.

Miss Optimism:

Miss Optimism suits her pseudonym to a tee.  Despite being born with some strikes against her including a neurodevelopment disorder and a severe lung condition, Miss Optimism is a compassionate, joy-filled girl who almost always sees the glass half full.  Her life is full of challenges, but she doesn’t let that keep her down or hold her back.  She attacks life with fierce determination and has been an inspiration to all those who know her story.

She loves horses (though she is allergic to them and can’t ride them), painting, drawing, colouring, and fashion.

She has become a big helper and takes her role as the oldest girl in the family very seriously.

She maintains a positive attitude, even amidst doctor’s appointment, needles, hospital stays, and hardly ever being able to go outside.  In the picture below, you can see the smile in her eyes!

When she grows up, she wants to be a hairdresser (she has practised by giving herself and one of her sisters multiple haircuts!), a jewelry designer, and a fashion designer.

Her favourite food is baba ganoush, which is ironic because it is a roasted eggplant dip and she hates all other vegetables!


Einstein is named for his encyclopedia-like knowledge of random facts about obscure topics.  He has Asperger’s, which is a form of autism, and this tends to be a common trait of the condition.  We get a kick out of his facts and have all learnt a lot from him about everything from strange events in history to weird animal facts to how things work to all things Titanic.

He has a heart of gold and loves his mommy and daddy like crazy.  He is very protective of Miss Optimism and the two of them are very close.  In age, they are only 2 months apart, but their hearts are even closer than that.

He loves to read and devours all things print, especially non-fiction and reference books.  He is fascinated by how things work and likes to take things apart.  He is also our resident Mr. Fix It.

When he grows up, he wants to be a fireman.  His favourite food is corn.

Snuggle Puppy:

Snuggle Puppy chose his own pseudonym because he loves when I read him the Snuggle Puppy book, but it suits him well because he is a cuddler and he loves dogs.  He is a happy boy who is naturally competitive.  He plays baseball in spring and hopes to start hockey next winter.  He is a gifted athlete and loves to be outside doing anything active.  He likes to bike, swim, ski, run, play ball, and climb.

He is not the best at sharing.  He is outgoing and the kind of kid that people easily like. His favourite place in the world is sitting next to me, cuddling.

Snuggle Puppy wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up.  He loves animals.  His favourite food is pizza.

Granola Girl:

Granola Girl loves to dress in Bohemian fashion when she wears clothes, but is more of the “clothing is optional” mentality!  She loves to be outside, running and climbing and at  the age of 3, was able to climb a tree 9 feet high!  She is one tough little girl, rarely crying when she gets scrapes or bruises.  She is tied in our family for the most amount of injuries because she is fearless and always outside.

Granola Girl is an actress.  “Drama Girl” was in the running as her pseudonym!  She demands attention and has an awesome sense of humour.

Granola Girl loves penguins best of all.  She also loves to dance and is a fantastic little interpretive dancer.  She is not camera shy and has no stage fright and has been known to just start dancing randomly in public to a song that only she can hear.  She sings and is usually in a good mood, except when she is screaming over not getting her way.  Did I mention that Granola Girl has a scream that could shatter glass?

When she grows up, Granola Girl wants to be a mommy and a hairdresser.  She could not decide on one favourite food as it’s a toss up between salad and black olives!

Dancing Queen:

Well, as the name suggests, Dancing Queen loves to dance.  She has rhythm and loves to dance.  She wanted her pseudonym to be “Hey Soul Sister” because she loves to dance to that song.  She loves to sing and makes up the sweetest songs about how much she loves Jesus.

Dancing Queen is the sweetest girl who cannot tell a lie and wants to always do the right thing.  She loves to help her mommy and even likes to clean toilets!  She is an indoor girl through and through, although she does like to jump on the trampoline.

Dancing Queen is currently undergoing treatment for severe PTSD and RAD. She also has some hearing loss, speech delays and cognitive delays so she has a bit of a challenging road in front of her but we will be there to support her through it.

She likes to play with dolls, have her hair done, and paint her nails.  She is a typical youngest in many ways.  She is an expert pouter and has her big brothers wrapped around her little finger!

When she grows up, Dancing Girl wants to be a cooker (that is her word for “chef”).  Her favourite food is oranges.