A Simple Invitation to Create

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I really like for the kids to do a lot of crafts and art projects, but coming up with ideas does not always come easily. I’ve found that as the kids get older, they are coming up with more of their own ideas because there are so many supplies available. Miss Optimism often makes stuffed creations out of fabric and stuffing with buttons for eyes if she is bored. The younger kids make paper crafts such as bookmarks or signs for their doors.

Miss Optimism’s lungs are not doing well at the moment and one of the implications of that is she cannot go outside at all. This means that I am trying more than ever to come up with craft ideas to keep her occupied and distract her from the fact that she can’t jump on the trampoline or climb trees. When I can’t think of an idea, sometimes the simplest of things keeps them busy and happy for long stretches of time.

a simple invitation to createTape a long piece of paper to the wall, the longer, the better according to my kids. Provide a few items for them to choose from. Give no further instruction and allow them to create. It’s really as simple as that!

For ours, the kids used Bingo dabbers, foam stickers, eye stickers, pencils, and markers.

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  1. I love this! It’s a great boredom-buster and also a great mom-needs-a-break activity! Sometimes just doing something with a little different perspective, like hanging paper on the wall to draw or create on, is enough to spark inspiration! (I hope Miss Optimism is able to play outside again soon!)

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