Bedtime Tips from Veteran Moms

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Bedtime. I don’t know any parent that hasn’t expressed some kind of challenge with it. Whether it’s getting your baby to sleep through the night or getting them to stay in their beds or issues related to siblings sharing a room, bedtime is a hot button topic. There’s co-sleeping (or not), Ferberizing (or not), before bed routines (or not), tuck-ins (or not)…the list goes on and on.

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As the mom of 7 kids and former foster mom, I have a lot of experience with bedtimes and that experience has taught me that no two children are alike and what works for one child doesn’t necessarily work for another!

Obviously, there are many schools of thought when it comes to bedtime issues such as getting your child to stay in bed, kids sharing rooms, what time bedtime should be, what the routine should consist of and more, so there may be some advice shared here that is contradictory to some of the other advice. You know your kids and your family circumstances best. When you read through the advice and suggestions from other moms, you will hopefully be able to pull out things that you know would best suit your family.

I am purposely including both sides of several issues. I’m not doing that to be controversial by any means or to start a mommy war! I’m including both sides so that you can read the arguments and decide what feels right for your family.

The advice on these topics is written by veteran moms who have all had the bedtime struggles themselves and have found something that works for them.

On sleep for kids in general:

The Importance of Sleep from Rachel at A Mother Far From Home

8 Infant Sleep Facts Every Parent Needs to Know from Lauren at The Military Wife and Mom

Montessori Approach to Sleep from Jennifer at Study at Home Mama

Why Our Kids are in Bed by 7:00 from Becky at Your Modern Family

Simple Toddler Sleep Hack from Liz at Love and Marriage and a Baby Carriage

The Science of Sleep from Jennifer at Study at Home Mama

The Importance of Sleep from I Can Teach My Child

12 Tips to Make Co-Sleeping Work from Powerful Mothering

Co-Sleeping and the Family Bed from Crayon Freckles

For babies:

My Top 10 Newborn Baby Sleep Tips from Lauren at The Military Wife and Mom

Encouraging Infant Sleep Patterns from Michelle at Trust Me, I’m a Mom

Getting Your Newborn to Sleep: Tips and Tricks from Let the Journey Begin

On sleeping through the night:

6 Ways to Help Your Baby or Toddler Stay Asleep at Night from Alison at Pint-Sized Treasures

Why We Don’t Sleep Train or Cry it Out by Devany at Still Playing School

My 2 Year Old is Still Waking Up at Night (advice from a Pediatrician) from Becky at Your Modern Family

Help! My Child Keeps Waking Me Up at Night from Holly at Keeping Life Sane (this is more of a question put out to her readers but there are suggestions in the comments)

25 Tips to Help Your Kids Sleep Through the Night from B-Inspired Mama

This Simple Chart Will Make Your Child Sleep Through the Night from Kelly of the (Reformed) Idealist Mom

Bedtime Tips from Experienced MomsImage Copyright: / 123RF Stock Photo

On getting kids to stay in bed:

How to Get Your Kids to Stay in Bed from Kim at Not Consumed

How to Keep Your Child in Bed from Becky at Your Modern Family

Kids Waking Up Too Early? Teaching Your Kids to Sleep Later from Becky at Your Modern Family

On bedtime:

A Bedtime Plan for Children That Really Works from Jessica at Candle in the Night

A Better Bedtime Routine from Jill at A Mom With a Lesson Plan

3 Steps to an Easier Bedtime from Paula at Beauty Through Imperfection

Make Bedtime Easier from Kate at Picklebums

2 Super Sneaky Tips to Get Your Kids to Go to Sleep Fast from Alison at Pint-Sized Treasures

7 Steps for a Sweet and Cuddly Bedtime Routine from Amy at Teach Mama

Establishing a Bedtime Routine for Back to School from Vicky at Mess for Less

Bedtime Routine Chart from Carolyn at The Pleasantest Thing

The Genius of Rotating the Kids’ Bedtime Routines Between Parents from Lauren at The Military Wife and Mom (this obviously is not applicable to all families such as single parents and those whose spouses work shift work)

How to Get Dad Involved in the Bedtime Routine from Jenny at The Jenny Evolution (this one also doesn’t apply to all families)

Establishing a Rockin’ Good Bedtime Routine from Lauren at The Military Wife and Mom

On tuck-ins:

Of Tantrums and Tuck-ins from here on The Chaos and The Clutter

Mommy, Will You Lay With Me? from Becky at Your Modern Family

Why You Need to Tuck Your Kids in at Night from Mickey at Your Modern Dad

On siblings sharing a room:

Kids Sharing Rooms: 6 Tips to Make it Work from Alison at Pint-Sized Treasures

10 Room Sharing Tips from Kids Activities Blog

How to Get my Kids to Fall Asleep in the Same Room Without Losing My Sanity from Kim at Not Consumed


Sleep and Your Special Needs Child from In the Playroom

12 Ways to Help Kids Sleep During Travel from Nothing if Not Intentional

How to Cope with Night Terrors from Hands on as We Grow

“Mommy, a Wolf” When Kids Have Nightmares from Alison at Pint-Sized Treasures

What are your biggest bedtime issues? What have you found that works best for your kids?

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  1. Thank you so much for including several of my posts! This is a great round up! Looking forward to diving in and learning a few things from other moms.


  2. Thank you for including my posts in your excellent collection!

  3. My babies and children can only sleep in cotton. The other fabrics are too warm for them, even in winter. My babies would cry at night when I put them in a synthetic sleeper.

    When my kids were newborns, I fed them every two hours during the day so they would have enough calories to sleep through the night. I had them nurse a little longer at bedtime to tide them over. My kids slept through the night (eight hours) by six weeks.

    I like the 123 Magic way of getting kids to go to sleep at night.

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