DIY Personalized Gratitude Journals

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Keeping track of blessings in your life is one of the most profound and impactful habits you can develop. Reinforcing positivity by focusing on the good in your life is something I want to train my kids to do.

To help them develop this habit, we ask them at supper or tuck-in time to recount the best part of their day. We model gratitude by talking about our own blessings. The most effective tool we’ve found though is to have the kids each keep a gratitude journal and write (or draw) 5 things per day.

DIY Personalized Gratitude Journals for kidsAt the beginning of each (home)school year, I get them all a new journal for this purpose but this year, I decided to do things a bit differently. I let the kids design their own gratitude journals.

Materials needed:

I purchased everything from the dollar store so this was cheaper than buying each of the kids a nice journal and decorating them themselves made them more invested in them.

We started with these very plain composition books.

composition book I lay the rest of the supplies on the table for the kids and let their creativity take over. I didn’t want to give them any instructions because I wanted these to be very individualized and for them to be able to unleash their creativity.

Granola Girl cut the dogs out of some of the duct tape to create homemade stickers for hers. She also was very generous with her use of the gem stickers! Einstein used white paper to create a place to write his name on his now-animal-print book. Miss Optimism chose to use one type of duct tape on each side of her journal. Dancing Queen alternated different duct tapes and washi tapes and used the gem stickers to create her initial on the front.

Personalized Gratitude JournalI took pictures of the gratitude journals prior to my kids personalizing with their names since I don’t publish their real names on my blog (until they turn 18 and give me permission) so you can’t quite see the finished products but they turned out really well. You’ll have to use your imaginations to picture them with names on them.

The kids started writing their blessings in their personalized gratitude journals the same day they made them. It was a great way to kick off the new homeschool year!

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