Easy Christmas Gifts to Make

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Last year, I made a few really easy things to gift to some friends and neighbours for Christmas.

I got this idea from here. These are so easy to make and a unique way to gift some holiday cookies.

You need:

-empty Pringles can
-double sided tape
-hot glue gun


I found that the hot glue didn’t work well for attaching the paper around the Pringles cans  so I used double sided tape for affixing the paper but added a drop of hot glue to the bottom of the can to secure the ribbon. This is such an attractive way to present your gift of cookies and my kids loved helping empty the Pringles!!!

It has been my experience that most kids like playdough. I decided to make it in army green and brown because most girls will enjoy playdough regardless and boys love to drive little matchbox cars through the “mud” so I made the colours appeal to boys.

I will post my recipe below. As another gift idea, you could make my gingerbread playdough and gift it with gingerbread cookie cutters.

I put the playdough in plastic containers and using ribbon attached cookie cutters to the top of the containers. These were very well received!

Playdough recipe:

1 cup flour
1 cup water
1/4 cup salt
2 tsp. cream of tartar
1 Tbls. vegetable oil
food coloring or food paste (I used paste)
optional: a few drops of essential oil for scent (I used vanilla)

Put all the ingredients into a pot, stir. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until it forms a ball. As soon as it goes into a ball, take it off the heat and dump it onto the counter or wax paper.  When it is cool enough, knead it until it is nice and soft.

Here is a group of them all ready to go out the door. Obviously, there is nothing fancy about the packaging…some scotch tape to secure the ribbon holding the cookie cutters and a bit of curl added to the ribbon ends.


  1. We’re making a batch of red and a batch of white play dough, adding glitter and some peppermint oil, and then twisting them together to look like a candy cane! I love giving and getting homemade gifts!

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