Invitation to Create Snowflakes

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Many of our Christmas crafts have been ones that I have given the kids a clear set of instructions on and although there is always leeway and ways for them to express their creativity, I wanted to give them a project that was more open-ended. I set out supplies and gave no instructions other than to create snowflakes.

Invitation to create snowflake ornaments. An easy Christmas craft for kids.I set out white and blue paint, regular and jumbo popsicle sticks, craft glue, glitter, glitter glue, white feathers, gems, large snowflake confetti, permanent markers, and sequins.

creating Christmas snowflakes craftIt’s always interesting to sit back and watch my kids create. The girls went right away for the larger popsicle sticks while the boys chose the skinnier ones. I suspect it’s because the large ones allowed the girls to add a lot more STUFF, but I’m not sure!

None of the kids chose to paint their sticks blue which is interesting. Once their white paint was dry, they glued their sticks into a snowflake shape and began to add embellishments. The boys went for simple (i.e.: permanent markers and/or glitter glue) while the girls really planned theirs out.

The girls placed items down on their sticks without adhering them to see what they would look like. They experimented with different patterns and a variety of looks before deciding which they liked best. Funny girls!

Snowflake Kids CraftMaterials needed:

  • regular or jumbo popsicle sticks (3 per snowflake)
  • paint
  • gems
  • sequins
  • craft glue
  • large snowflake confetti
  • feathers
  • glitter glue
  • permanent pens
  • ribbon to hang (we used a sparkly blue wrapping ribbon but any ribbon or string will work)

Set out the supplies and allow the kids to be creative. If they want to paint the popsicle sticks, you will need to allow the paint to dry before continuing on to the decorating. For younger kids, you may want to start them off with the popsicle sticks already glued together. Then allow them to create snowflakes however they want to. When the glue has dried, you can attach a ribbon to the back with tape or glue to hang it on the Christmas tree.


  1. Jean Smith says:

    Hi, my name is Jeannie, This year I have been looking at different ways to make ornaments, and looking at different ideas for craft projects. I like the ideas you have for the snowflakes, they r so many ways to make them. Enjoyed checking them out. Sincerely, Jean Smith

  2. These are so pretty. I wanted to let you know that I am featuring these on my site.

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