Mini Everything – Fun Kids’ Lunches

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Packing lunches for kids doesn’t need to be boring and neither does eating them! There can be more to lunch than sandwiches. There are simple ways to spice up lunch that don’t require fancy equipment or a ton of planning.

I actually enjoy coming up with fun lunches for the kids and I find the best way to come up with ideas is to ask myself what I would have liked when I was younger. I often make muffin tin lunches when we are at home. Some of them have themes and others just involve me throwing leftovers into the different compartments in a muffin tin.

The kids love them and ask for them often but one drawback about a muffin tin lunch is that it doesn’t transport easily!

Mini Everything: another way to make kids' lunches more funOn days when we go on field trips or the kids have a day camp or other activity to attend, I try to still pack some fun into a lunchbox. I’m also one of those practical moms, so I also try to be sure that there are a variety of healthy foods in there.

For this particular lunch, I decided to go with mini foods. My kids love anything that reminds them of regular food but is shrunken down. They think it’s “so cute”!

Create mini kabobs by putting food on a toothpick. I used honey garlic pepperoni sticks, pickle slices and cubed cheese to form my kabobs. This is also a good way to get your kids involved in helping to prepare their lunch as threading food onto a toothpick is something that most kids are capable of doing and are eager to try. One of my daughters helped me get the skewers ready for all the lunch boxes this time.

making mini kebobsIn this lunch, I also included a mini pizza (made on a mini pita), blueberries which I said the kids could pretend were mini plums, mini cucumbers and a baby tomato, and goldfish crackers, which I used as a ‘mini’ cracker, and a WetOnes single for clean-up.

healthy and fun lunch for kidsMy kids thought this micro sizes lunch was awesome and they couldn’t wait to dive in. In fact, I had to be quick to put the lid on this one because little hands were already trying to partake!

Other ideas for mini food:

  • cocktail sausages for mini hot dogs
  • use small containers with lids to put yogourt, dips, syrup, soups, etc. in
  • mini pancakes
  • hamburger sliders
  • mini muffins
  • mini cupcakes
  • mini meatballs
  • mini grilled cheese
  • stuff mini peppers with goat cheese
  • fill mini pitas with sandwich fixings
  • cut veggies like carrots and celery into tiny sticks
  • mini bagels

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