Secret Mom Confessions

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Motherhood. It’s hard to put into words, isn’t it? It’s the best and hardest things all in one. It’s joy unlike any you’ve ever experienced and yet, it’s also pain and doubt and worry and heartache…but the love…love that makes your heart feel like it could burst, love that threatens to overpower you. And it’s the fierceness of the love that makes the whole motherhood business so scary in the first place.

Motherhood. It's hard to put into words. It's the best and hardest things all in one. These real mom confessions will remind you that you're not alone.Image Copyright: / 123RF Stock Photo

The day in and day out challenges of motherhood can turn even the most normal people into semi-crazed, hair-thrown-in-a-hat-because-we-haven’t-showered-in-four-days kind of women.

While we may differ about our parenting choices and so many other things, two things all moms have in common is that we all know that overwhelming love for our child and we all know how hard this motherhood thing is.

I love that feeling when you have the courage to open up and share something with another mom and their response is, “me too”. Suddenly, you feel better just in knowing that you are not the only one. It is that feeling that prompted me to ask some other moms to share their “real mom confessions” from the silly to the serious in the hopes that somewhere in this list, you too will have a “me too” moment and know that you are not alone.

Real confessions from real moms:

“When I don’t feel like cooking dinner, I blame it on the babies… that they wanted to be held all day, or they were crying, or were fussy all day.” ~ Leah from Socks and Shoes Not Required

“I once peed in a diaper in the car because we didn’t want to wake up the baby on a long road trip!” ~ Anonymous

“I went to work with a sock stuck in my pant leg and didn’t realize until my drive home.” ~ Amanda from The Educator’s Spin on It

“I am sometimes terrified that my children’s memory of who I am will be a compilation of my worst moments.” ~ Victoria

“I’m feeling overstretched trying to be the perfect mother to two babies when I’m hard put being a good mother to just one.” ~ Danya from Danya Banya

“I secretly eat my children’s treats and when they find out I tell them daddy did it and join them in their indignation.” ~ Ann from Little Worlds

“Motherhood can be very lonely.” ~ Kirsten

“I sometimes pretend I didn’t hear one of my kids say something bad….because I’m too exhausted to discipline anyone at that moment” ~ Lena from What Mommy Does

“I once sneezed on my hand at the supermarket and didn’t have a tissue handy – so I just wiped it on the back of my baby’s onesie, because I figured she couldn’t touch that area, and the onesie would be in the wash soon anyway.” ~ Anonymous

“Sometimes I eat the kids’ fruit snacks…. for dinner.” ~ Dayna from Lemon Lime Adventures

“When the hubby is gone for the night, I let my son stay up late and we play Minecraft together!” ~ Diana

“When my son was younger I used to put him to bed at 6 pm in the winter. I figured that it was dark already, and he didn’t know (and I could get a few more hours at the end of the day).” ~ Rikki from Mini Monets and Mommies

“Once I bought paper products to eat with because I just couldn’t face cleaning the kitchen.” ~ Tasha

Motherhood. It's hard to put into words. It's the best and hardest things all in one. These real mom confessions will remind you that you're not alone.

“I sometimes let the kids have popcorn for dinner.” ~ Jenny from The Jenny Evolution

“I frequently offer to bake with my kids simply because I want to eat the cookie dough.” ~ Meredith from Homegrown Friends

“Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night afraid that I am screwing up my middle child.” ~ Shannon

“I let my husband Nose Frida me when I was sick….and I loved it.” ~ Rachel from CanDo Kiddo (okay, full honesty here, right? I had no idea what a Nose Frida was when I read this and I had to look it up! Not nearly as weird as some of the things I had imagined!!!)

“I keep a stash of my favorite snacks in the dish towel drawer — candy, oatmeal cream pies, & cool ranch Doritos — things I don’t let my kids have and eat when they’re in bed.” ~ Colleen from Raising Lifelong Learners

“With 6 kiddos, I will let my 2 year old sit in his high chair as long as he can in order to get something accomplished!” ~ Sunshine

“I still dilute juice for my 4 year old. Not because I think she can’t handle it, but because I just think it goes further!” ~ Rachel from A Mother Far From Home

“I’ve pretended the kids are misbehaving just so I don’t have to answer the phone or door.” ~ Melissa

“When my twin boys were born, things were so crazy that I couldn’t get out to grocery shop. For three days all I ate was chocolate covered almonds. I was never so excited to go to the grocery store!” ~ Kerrie from Family Food and Travel

“Life as a Mom is questioning your every move and every action. It is wondering how your life choices today will impact their lives moving forward. It is feeling like the most incredible and important person in the world one moment, and feeling like an utter failure in the next. It is putting someone else’s needs truly in front of your own. And not trading it for the world.” ~ Sandra

“Really. I stomped my foot. I was basically throwing my own temper tantrum. That is not what I want to be teaching my kids. It’s no wonder they act the way they do when their own mother acts that way.” ~ Sarah from Me Plus 3 Today

“I often finding myself taking 45 minute long showers (sitting on the toilet playing with my phone or just sitting in the bottom of the tub with shower water running) just to have some quiet me time when my husband is home in the evening to watch our son.” ~ Melanie

“Sometimes I tell my child he’s allergic to what I am eating because I just want to finish my food by myself. (He’s allergic to many things so it works.)” ~ Jennifer from Simply Kinder

“Some days, I worry I am screwing up so badly that even with therapy they will never get over it.” ~ Justine

“My twins daughters turn five soon, and still have never been to the dentist.” ~ Katelyn from What’s Up Fagans?

“When my oldest daughter was born, I couldn’t believe the responsibility was all mine. I just kept expecting my Mom or someone else to come and take over. When my second daughter was born, I wondered if it was possible for my heart to expand enough to love her as much as I loved my first child. Happily, I can report that I learned to own the huge responsibility of being a Mom and I found that love grows and changes as quickly as my girls do!” ~ Connie

“This morning I deliberately made a cup of hot chocolate as opposed to tea because I know my daughter hates it and I really didn’t want to share.” ~ Alecia from Learning 2 Walk

“I sometimes look at my kids and think, have these kids really been given to me? Shouldn’t I have had to take a course before being given this huge responsibility ?!” ~ Linda

“If my husband is home, I sometimes take more time than necessary in the toilet. Just so that he can be alone with the kids too.” ~ Ayesha from Words n Needles

“More than once, I have asked God, “What were You thinking?” (choosing me to be this child’s mother). And sometimes I intentionally plan to go to work in the evening instead of during the day when the kids are in school, just so that I get more alone time at home, or just to get a break.” ~ Anonymous

“I totally bought Cadburry eggs for my kids for Easter knowing they hate them and I will get to eat them.” ~ Jennifer from Simply Kinder

“The youngest boy was (still is) the most ‘I-void-warranties’ kid I have ever met in my life. Once he started walking, I had to get a ‘rear view’ mirror so I could watch him while I washed dishes. I learned the hard way that two minutes is long enough for an eighteen month old to stash a bottle of red nail polish in his diaper and then dump the bottle all over a dining room chair! Yup, I got a mirror!” ~ Emme

What about you? What is your “real mom confession”?

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  1. I love this!! I”m glad I’m not the only one!

  2. I love these! It just shows we all face the same things being a mother.

  3. I love this cute, truthful and funny comments and experiences – aren’t they the truth!!!!!! My children are young adults – but boy oh boy… lots of days when I thought I wouldn’t make it…. or did funny funny stuff!

  4. Well just for starters *I* bought cadbury for my kids too, which THEY LOVE, and at the last minute hid it in a drawer for myself. They had other stuff!!!!

  5. So glad it is not just me. I have been known to turn the clocks forward an hour to get the kids to bed earlier when they were younger and could be fooled.

  6. Love these. I think most of us can identify with one (or 12) of these. I definitely have pretended not to notice some naughty things my daughter has said/done because I was just too tired to deal with the discipline.

    (visiting from Good Tips Tuesday)

  7. Omg love this post! I can relate to so many of these things! I used to tell my daughter that I was eating vegetables when it was really something sweet that I didn’t want to share..she’s caught on to that one now though 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love this post! I was reading it and going like: true, true, so true… It’s so great when you see you are not the only one doing or thinking something.

  9. Hah hah, many of these are so funny! And I can definitely say yes, yes, yes to many of these 😀 #brilliantblogposts

  10. I’m loving this! Pinned and tweeted. We appreciate you taking the time to party with us. I hope to see you on tonight at 7. Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

  11. Oh my goodness, I’m laughing so hard, I have tears streaming down my face. These are true – all of them.

    What a stress-relieving thing it was reading through this! Thank you for sharing with us at the Thank Goodness It’s Thursday party – I seriously cannot wait to see what you’re linking up this week!

  12. Oh wow!!!! Yes, yes, and yes!

    Especially the one about the heart expanding for another child. I had my last 2 quite close together. They are quite a bit younger than our others and when we planned to have one it was decided right away that we would like 2 close together if we could manage it. The older was only 9 months when I got pregnant and around 12 months she started not liking my milk and weaning really before I was ready. At that time I started having really jealous feelings towards my pregnancy and thought having another would steal from the older and horrible feelings of regret. It lasted a couple months and I was so ashamed of those feelings. I still regret her weaning earlier than she may have otherwise but other than that everything worked out so wonderfully. Our plan couldn’t have worked out better. They love being close in age and are best friends.

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