Retro Fall Craft

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I remember making these as a girl. When I was looking for a special activity to do with Granola Girl last week, I thought I would give this old classic fall craft a try.

Retro Fall CraftAll that’s needed to make this is wax paper, gathered leaves, broken wax crayon shavings, and an iron. The kids had gathered leaves outside for us to make our pumpkin turkeys craft¬†and we had many left over. I lay out a sheet of wax paper and Granola Girl lay out some leaves the way she wanted them on half of the piece of wax paper.

She and I then used our fingernails and a plastic knife to make shavings out of old wax crayon bits. We chose colours that were fit for the season: greens, yellow, orange, brown, red, and a purple. One of the greens we chose turned out to be blue! We didn’t realize it until the colours had melted!

wax crayon shavings fall craftWhen the wax paper was covered in colourful shavings, I folded over the other half to cover the leaves and shavings and ironed it on a medium setting. Once the shavings were melted, our leaf craft was done!

Granola Girl enjoyed our time together making this. She was happy with the results but wasn’t interested in expanding the craft by making a simple paper frame for it or hanging it in a window. She is my most active child and getting her to hold still for long enough to do any activity indoors is an accomplishment, so I consider this craft a big success! It held her attention for a long time.

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