Top 10 Reasons My Kids Like Being Homeschooled

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reasons my kids love being homeschooled

1. Muffin Tin Lunches







When asked by other kids why they like being homeschooled, one of the first things my kids say is “because we get awesome muffin tin lunches”!

2. Field Trips







Field trips are always fun!

3. Annual Homeschool Track Meet

This year’s track and field day happened to be yesterday and it did not disappoint!

4. Sensory Bins








These have been such an incredible addition to our homeschool this year.  For our kids with sensory differences, they have been especially helpful, but they are a highlight for all the kids. I add all of their favourite sensory bins to one post for easy reference if you are looking for ideas.

5. Body Movement Breaks






I find the kids learn best when they have some movement moments dispersed through our learning time, so I have them take movement breaks.  Their favourites are the trampoline and the parachute. If you are interested in the concept of brain breaks and getting some fantastic ideas, I would highly recommend The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks.

6. Activities








There are so many wonderful opportunities for homeschool activities in our community offered during the day such as homeschool art classes, gymnastics, swimming, skiing.

7. Family Fun Night








Our themed Family Fun Nights that often incorporate something we are learning about, such as Titanic, are a huge hit!

8. Reading anywhere and everywhere

Their favourite places to read seem to be the bean bag chair, the trampoline and on the deck.

9. Math…this answer only came from Snuggle Puppy and for the record, the other kids do not agree!

10.Relationships with friends, extended family, mom and dad, and each other

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  1. Michelle Englefield says:

    I am interested in your sensory bins…do you make them up and then keep them somewhere or do you make them and then clean it all up? My kids might like that too. I have to do more planning of things methinks and then make it actually happen.

    • I make them and then dismantle them, but I do keep a box full of things at the ready that help me make them like coloured rice and pasta and things I find here and there that I think may be good for a future sensory bin. I try to salvage what I can from the bins for future bins after we use them. I will try to do a post later this week or early next week about why we do sensory bins and a few tricks (like how to colour the rice and pasta). Adopted children are much more likely to have Sensory Processing Disorder (for a huge list of reasons that I will list in the post that is only in my head right now!) and so sensory bins are great for that. Other kids seem to like them too though.

  2. My kids are really enjoying sensory bins too. I dismantle mine as well. I look forward to you post. Since we switched to Teaching Textbooks all of my kids say they love math. It is a sight to see. They all talked about it in their end of year interview on my blog.

  3. See! That is what school should be all about! Not sitting at a desk all day long.

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