Solar System Sensory Bin

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We recently did a solar system unit in our homeschooling. It was a really fun unit with lots of easy ways to create hands-on science experiments and interest for the kids. I try to always think of at least one sensory element to go along with the unit studies that we do. For our solar system unit, I made a naturally weighted space sensory bottle and this solar system sensory bin.

Glow in the Dark Solar System sensory binI thought it would be fun to add some glow in the dark elements to this particular sensory bin so I added two different glow in the dark components. One worked better than the other.

For the base of this solar system sensory bin, I used a glitter gravel I picked up at the dollar store. I added two different sizes of decorative black rocks. I used some items from a Space Toob such as a rocket ship, satellite and lunar rover.  For the glow in the dark elements, I added 3D glow-in-the-dark planets which worked really well and sprinkled glow-in-the-dark glitter over some of the black rocks, which didn’t show up as well in the dark.

Solar System sensory bin glows in the darkThis sensory bin allowed a hands-on opportunity for the kids to explore the planets and learn some of their characteristics. They also enjoyed the glow in the dark effects.

For this particular science unit, I think it was beneficial to have two sensory activities, the sensory bin and the space sensory bottle because some of my kids preferred one while others preferred the other. I also brought both to our homeschool co-op and both were explored by all ages of kids.

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