Self-Care for Foster and Adoptive Families


Self-care for Foster and Adoptive Families is a must-read for all families considering fostering or adopting and for those who have already embarked on the journey. All items are digital downloads/ebook format. Please note that this eBook is available for free for members of The Chaos and The Clutter Community Center.



“Self-Care for Foster and Adoptive Families”, by Sharla Kostelyk, is a must read for anyone thinking of fostering or adopting, and also for those who are well into their journeys of fostering and/or adoption. As a relatively new foster and adoptive parent, I laughed and cried my way through this helpful guide as I recognized Sharla’s struggles as my own, realized that I am not alone, and found solutions to help me through the difficult days. With her non-judgement knowledge and wit, Ms. Kostelyk gives realistic advice for fostering and adoptive families. Self care is a critical part of preparing and succeeding at the foster and adoption ride of your life!”
-Michelle, foster and adoptive mom

Kostelyk’s Self-Care is a finger firmly on the pulse of adoption’s specific challenges. This is an important and overdue survive and thrive manual born out of Sharla’s own experiences, trials, errors and successes. I applaud adoptive parents for there is nothing more important than providing a safe and loving home for a child. This book is your tool to make your lives easier and ensure your family’s success and happiness.
-Cathy Klapstein, Foster Care Agency Employee

“I have read numerous articles on how to prepare for the day when our child finally comes home. Sharla has exceeded them by far! Her attention to the big and little details in preparing for the arrival of the child, and then surviving the actual event is so incredibly practical, convicting and encouraging all at the same time. The tips in this book are so terribly necessary to making a new family’s first few months together be as successful as possible. I would love to see this e-book be required reading of every waiting adoptive or foster parent.”
-Denise Naus, mother of 3 – one by birth, one adopted at birth, and waiting to bring home one more miracle

“I had the opportunity to read Sharla’s eBook while in the trenches of being a newbie adoptive mom. It was a real encouragement to me to learn what I was doing right and what I could do differently to enable me to still feel like me and not feel like I was drowning in mothering three very needy little girls. I highly recommend that every newly adoptive parent take the time to read this book. You owe it to yourself!”
-Deborah, adoptive mom 

Includes chapters on important topics such as:

  • preparation and planning
  • secondary trauma
  • the triage stage
  • loss
  • perfectionism and PADS
  • support network
  • marriage
  • on-going self-care

Please note that this eBook is available for free for members of The Chaos and The Clutter Community Center.

You can purchase the paperback copy of this book here.


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