Easy Christmas Ornaments

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Easy Sequin Christmas OrnamentThe kids have been making these beautiful ornaments for their grandparents and a few other special people. They catch the light nicely on the Christmas tree and are so easy to make!


sequins (we used a pack with shades of blue and silver)
-sequin pins
-foam ball

Push a sequin pin through the sequin into the foam ball and repeat this until the entire ball is covered in sequins. When done, add a ribbon on top using a pin and hang on the tree.

A few of my kids made mosaics with their sequins in patterns that created fish or faces or other shapes. You could also vary the look of them by using different sizes of foam balls or by using foam eggs.

*of course, since this craft uses actual pins, adult supervision should be used with younger children.


  1. I love this Sharla! I will have to try it another year. Not going to make it this year 🙂

  2. That’s really cool!

  3. Super cute idea! I love crafts that are easy and fun.

  4. Oh these remind me of the ornaments my grandmother used to make! You should see the oldies but goodies I have on my tree. Foam ball ornaments, covered in ribbon, and all sorts of 80’s crafty goodness. I’ve never thought to make an updated set. Making a new set for my sister would be the perfect gift! Thanks for the idea!

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