Hop on Pop Sight Words Game

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I came up with this game for reinforcing sight words based on the popular Dr. Seuss book, Hop on Pop. It is a great gross motor activity that can also be adapted for rhyming words. It went along well with our Dr. Seuss unit but we have used it other times in our homeschool as well.

This Hop on Pop gross motor game is great for teaching sight words and rhyming.This Hop on Pop sight words game was so easy to make and the kids enjoyed it much more than I thought they did. All I did was write some of the words from the book “Hop on Pop” on pieces of paper and lay them out over the floor.

Then I called out “Einstein, hop on ‘three'” or “Snuggle Puppy, hop on ‘house'” and they would ‘hop’ onto the word. It became quite funny, almost like a game of Twister once all five of them were on the ‘board’ because trying to hop onto the words became a bit more challenging with their siblings in the way!

Hop on Pop Sight Words gross motor game

All the kids wanted a turn to “Hop on ‘Pop'” so it became a challenge for me to arrange everyone in such a way that the ‘pop’ word was empty and the child who hadn’t had their turn yet had easy enough access to it! They did all get a turn and in the meantime, we were able to reinforce sight word concepts.

As they have gotten older, we have played different versions of the game including one where I call out their name and one word such as “cat” and they then have to step one foot on “cat” and one foot on the word that rhymes with “cat”. This version works on sight words and rhyming words and because their feet are on two different words at one time, it becomes even more of a Twister-type scenario so we usually only play that version with two kids at a time.

Hop on Pop Sight Words GameIf you are planning some Dr. Seuss fun, you may want to check out our Dr. Seuss muffin tin meal and Dr. Seuss writing activity (which includes a free printable). You may also want to check out my Dr. Seuss Pinterest board.

We had the most fun at our Dr. Seuss party. We held it to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday with some of our homeschool friends. It was such a great theme that it was as fun to plan as it was for those who attended.

Dr. Seuss Party


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