Spy Secrets Gift Basket

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Every Christmas, my brother is the hardest for me to buy for. The Husband is pretty challenging too, but he usually just buys his own gift and says it’s from me! I feel like men in general are hard to buy gifts for, partly because I’m not one so it’s harder to know what they would like. Last Christmas, my brother and his wife gave us the most amazing Road Trip Gift Basket. This year, I decided to put together a Spy Secrets gift basket for my brother. I think it’s a gift that he’s actually going to like!

This Spy Secrets gift box is perfect to make for the hard to buy for man (or woman) in your life!For my birthday this year, my friend Christie gave me the book Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life. It is so cool. It’s written by a former CIA Officer and it is full of tips to keep you safe, but it’s also just plain interesting. In the book, there are many suggested items that can help you and can even save your life if you have them with you. Using some of the suggestions from the book, I put together a gift box for my brother.

This Spy Secrets gift box is perfect for the hard-to-buy-for on your list.

Spy Secrets Gift Basket:

The book offers even more suggestions for essential tools so there are many other items you could add in to create a Spy Secrets kit.

This gift basket is perfect for the outdoorsman, the spy movie aficionado, the hard to buy for, the book lover, the wannabe survivorman, the overly paranoid, or pretty much anyone for any occasion! It is a unique present that will get people talking and be interesting for others to receive.

Spy Secrets Essentials Gift BasketI actually bought doubles of some of the items in the Spy Secrets kit I made my brother because after reading the book, I knew the importance and value of having something like a tactical pen and wanted to create a bit of a kit of my own.

Gift baskets are great to give and to receive! Check out the awesome road trip gift basket we were gifted last year.

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