Washi Tape Gift Bags for Christmas

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My girls, like most other girls their age, are into crafting with washi tape. I picked up some rolls of holiday washi tape and we made some adorable mitten ornaments with it and to make these gift bags for Christmas.

Washi Tape Gift Bags for ChristmasThese couldn’t be simpler to make but it is such a nice touch to add a bit a personal touch to your gift wrap.

Materials needed:

paper favour bags (we used green and red)
washi tape
permanent marker
tissue paper (optional)

To create the gift bags with the Christmas tree decal on them, simply cut strips of holiday themed washi tape into varying lengths and stick them on the bag in the shape of a tree. You can add a small strip at the bottom to create the tree trunk.

Washi Tape Gift BagsTo create the gift bags with the ornaments, you will first need to make your own paper by placing strips of washi tape on a page. You can do this randomly or in a pattern. We used the same type of technique when making our washi tape mitten ornaments.

Once you have made your patterned paper using the washi tape, cut a circle out. We find the easiest way to do this is to trace around a cup to make the circle and then cut along that line. Glue the circle to a gift bag and draw a ribbon on top of it with a permanent marker.

Washi Tape Bags for ChristmasIf you want to, you can also add names and embellishments to the bags with the permanent marker.

You can also add some tissue paper into the bags to complete the look. As easy as that you can create your own personalized gift bags!

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Washi Tape Mitten Ornaments

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