101 Things to do with Bubble Wrap

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Bubble wrap is fun for kids and adults alike. It’s great for stress relief and fantastic for sensory. The uses of bubble wrap go far beyond packing and popping. It can be bought at post offices and supply centers or online but can often be found at dollar stores.

101 things to do with bubble wrap. These ideas are so fun...and not just for the kids!It is one of the most versatile items out there (right up there with duct tape!). Did you know you can even buy coloured bubble wrap?

101 Things to do with Bubble Wrap:

  1. Giant Easter Eggs from here on The Chaos and The Clutter
  2. Stomp painting from Mess for Less
  3. Bubble Wrap Runway from Hands on As we Grow
  4. Sheep Craft from Crafty Morning
  5. Bubble Calendar (so much fun!)
  6. bubble wrap calendarIndoor Hopscotch from Craftophile
  7. DIY Tablecloth from Design Mom
  8. Sumo Wrestling from Life with Four Ladies and One Little Man (AWESOME!)
  9. Unique Father’s Day Card and Gift from See Vanessa Craft
  10. Bubbly Wrap Road from Sunny Day Family
  11. Shaving Cream and Bubble Wrap Sensory Activity from Picklebums
  12. Bubble Wrap Boots from Teaching Mama
  13. Road for Toy Trucks from Hands on as we Grow
  14. shipping things in!
  15. Window Insulation
  16. Crazy Crocs from Positively Splendid (these are so cute!)
  17. Watercolour Cardboard Tube Tree from Crafty Morning
  18. Bubble Wrap Learning from Meaningful Mama
  19. Electronic Bubble Wrap Popper Keychain
  20. Bubble Wrap Print Cherry Blossom Tree from Glued to My Crafts Blog (has free printable tree)
  21. As an April Fools Day joke for an accident-prone friend, bubble wrap their room or their vehicle!
  22. Bubbly Wrap Body Slam Painting from here on The Chaos and The Clutter
  23. Rolling Pin Art Tools from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds
  24. Beautiful Necklace from Makezine (you’ll never believe it was made with bubble wrap!)
  25. Artwork from Robin Urton (gorgeous!)
  26. Magnet Maze from Lalymom
  27. make clothes out of it (great for going out in the rain!)
  28. Inject Individual “bubbles” with Paint to Create a Sign
  29. Math Maze from Sugar Aunts
  30. Advent Tree from The Moody Fashionista
  31. Christmas Card from Learn with Play at Home
  32. Printed Shamrock from Hands on as we Grow
  33. Greeting Cards
  34. “crack” knuckles (hide under table and pretend to crack your knuckles with the sound coming from popping the bubble wrap)
  35. Travel Game from Apartment Therapy
  36. Colourful Prints from Mess for Less
  37. Bubble Wrap an actual tree and paint it from Two-Daloo
  38. Printed Rainbows from I Heart Crafty Things
  39. Printing with Bubble Mitts from Teaching Preschool
  40. Bubble Wrap Mosaic from Creative Play Central
  41. Elephant Stomp Gross Motor Game from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail
  42. place on the trampoline for a loud jumping experience
  43. Exploring Forces from Science Sparks
  44. Rain Cloud from Red Ted Art
  45. Notebook Printing from Art Projects for Kids
  46. Fish Mobile from The Imagination Tree
  47. Window Pockets from Lalymom
  48. Letter Matching from Kids Play Box
  49. pop it
  50. Salt Dough Heart Decorations from Red Ted Art
  51. Gift Wrap from Teach Me Mommy
  52. Mandala from Sparkling Buds
  53. put it on your bike wheel
  54. Painting on Black Bubble Wrap from Mess for Less
  55. Colour Pop from Play at Home Mom
  56. Bathtub Sensory Art from Bath Activities for Kids
  57. Paper Plate Snake from Crafty Morning
  58. wrap breakable gifts
  59. Finger Twister from Sugar Aunts
  60. Snow Print from Hand Made Kids Art
  61. Christmas Ornament from Lalymom
  62. Christmas Craft from Toddler Approved
  63. Corn Sun Catchers from Sow Sprout Play
  64. A Bunch of Grapes from No Time for Flash Cards
  65. wrap breakable items for a move
  66. Create 3D Critters
  67. Bubble Wrap Printed Turkey from Crafty Morning
  68. Beehive from Crafty Morning
  69. Indian Corn from Crafts for All Seasons
  70. Flower Art from Royal Baloo
  71. bubble wrap a tree and throw darts at it (adult supervision required of course)
  72. Leaf Collage from Hands on as we Grow
  73. Rainbow Printing from Sow Sprout Play
  74. Gross Motor Games from Mosswood Connections
  75. Starfish Craft from No Time for Flash Cards
  76. Sight Word Pop from Still Playing School
  77. fingerpaint on bubble wrap
  78. Carrots in the Garden Craft from Crafty Morning
  79. make a countdown calendar to a vacation, birthday or Christmas where kids can “pop” one each day
  80. Letter/Number Pop from Play at Home Mom
  81. Yarn Art (Reggio) from Art Projects for Kids
  82. Drawing and Printing with Highlighters with Learn with Play at Home
  83. Bubble Wrap Stamps from Kids Play Box
  84. Shapes Painting from Crayon Box Chronicles
  85. Lunch Bag from Tinkerlab
  86. Bubble Wrap Print Painting from First Palette
  87. tape bubble wrap to a wall and body slam into it
  88. Apple Trees from Preschool Powel Packets
  89. Pumpkin Patch from I Heart Crafty Things
  90. Dinosaur D from I Can Teach My Child
  91. Butterfly from SheKnows
  92. Hopscotch to Mail from Giver’s Log (what a fun idea to send grandkids or nieces and nephews!)
  93. make a bubble wrap tie
  94. Printed Photo Frames from Pufferbellies
  95. Decorate a Pie
  96. Earth Day Art from Mermaid’s Makings
  97. Sensory Slide from Growing a Jeweled Rose
  98. Bubble Wrap City Artwork from Mom Trusted
  99. Paper Plate Octopus from Artsy Craftsy Mom
  100. Fly’s Eyes from Danielle’s Place
  101. Big Blue Squid from Kids Soup

101 Things to do with Bubble WrapWhat is your favourite use for bubble wrap?

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  1. Great and huge roundup !! Lot of interesting crafts !!! I am pinning the stuffs I like for future!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Who knew there were so many fun uses for bubble wrap?

    We love using large bubble wrap to practice sight words. And, of course, just popping it for stress relief — works fine motor skills, too!

  3. I knew that bubble wrap lends itself to many fun ways to use it, but this is an amazing collection of creative and fun ways to use it.

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