Dollar Store Minute to Win It

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Our Minute to Win It Family Fun Night was so memorable that I planned another one. This time, I chose to use items from the dollar store to keep within a tight budget. I spent less than $15 for all the supplies.

Dollar Store Minute to Win It Party - so much fun for a family fun night, party, holiday gathering, New Year's Eve, or youth group event.For the decorations, I used our printable Minute to Win It kit which has full instructions for all of the games as well as all the games we played in our original Minute to Win It family fun night.

Minute to Win It Printable Party Pack

The supplies I bought from the dollar store:

  • 2 boxes of kleenex
  • 2 pairs of panty hose
  • 1 pack of plastic cups
  • 1 pack of ping pong balls
  • 1 box of chocolate cookies
  • 1 box of cereal
  • 1 pack of tennis balls

Minute to Win It Games:

Puddle Jumper. To set up for this game, fill three cups with water and line them up, setting a ping pong ball into the first one. The goal of this game is to blow the ping pong ball from one water-filled cup to the next.

Minute to Win It Puddle JumperChocolate Unicorn. All that’s needed for this game are chocolate cookies. Each player gets 10 cookies with the goal of stacking them on their forehead. The resulting stack must remain in place for 3 seconds.

Minute to Win It Chocolate UnicornPonginator. For this game, you will need an empty egg carton and ping pong balls. The goal is to bounce ping pong balls so that 8 of them land in the egg carton within one minute.

Minute to Win It Ponginator

Hanky Panky. This was hilarious to watch! It is more fun as a head-to-head challenge. Each person must sit with one hand behind their back. They must empty all the tissues out of the kleenex box using only one hand as quickly as they can (if head to head) or within one minute.

Minute to Win It Hanky PankyBall Drop. Land three ping pong balls in a single cup while standing on a chair. The trick is to not have the balls bounce out or knock the cup over.

Minute to Win It Ball DropBreakfast Scramble. To set up for this game, you will need to cut the front of a cereal box into pieces. Depending on the size of the cereal box and the age of the people participating in your Minute to Win It challenge, you can either cut the box in 8 or 16 pieces. The goal of the game is to reassemble the puzzle within a minute.

Minute to Win It Breakfast ScrambleElephant March. To prepare for this game, put a tennis ball in the end of a pair of panty hose or put a tennis ball in each leg of a pair of panty hose. Set 8 cups up on the floor to create a walkway. To play, the player must put the panty hose on their head and knock over all the cups by swinging their head from side to side. This is a pretty funny one!

Minute to Win It Elephant March

A note to all the moms out there: maybe you saw this and it just made you feel guilty because it’s one more thing you aren’t doing with your kids. I see you because often, I am you. I don’t want to have the parties or plan crafts or activities to do with the kids unless I have everything I need and can do it nearly perfectly. So years go by while I have the intention of planning a certain activity with my kids and it just doesn’t happen because I’m not organized enough.

This particular Minute to Win It night is a prime example. After our last one was such a success with the kids, I wrote out a plan for this one, every game written out. And my plan sat there for more than a year. One time, I even got a list for the dollar store written out, but then I realized I didn’t have time to bake and decorate a cake and make special food, so again, it didn’t happen. My kids got older, a full year older as my plan got dusty and my guilt grew.

The other day, I decided that we were going to do this but not perfectly. I wasn’t going to wait until my adult kids could get time off work and join us. I wasn’t going to plan any special food or decorate a cake. We were just going to have fun together and build memories.

Your kids get one childhood. You don’t have to make it magical, but you can make it memorable.

You can read more about our printable Minute to Win It party kit here. The supplies you purchased at the dollar store for these Dollar Store Minute to Win It games can be used to recreate almost all of the games from our Family Fun Night Minute to Win It Challenge.

minute-to-win-it-squareThe Flour Game is also tons of fun for the family!

The Flour Game square


  1. “Your kids get one childhood. You don’t have to make it magical, but you can make it memorable”.
    BEST. QUOTE. EVER. !!!

  2. Hi! I bought the party pack to use on the last day of school with my sixth grade class today. We played in teams of six, with each team picking one person to come up and play each game. We played twelve of the games, so everyone got to play twice. I just used the score sheets and direction cards, but it was certainly worth the $5 to have cute ones already made for me! We had a great time, and I’ll definitely use it again next year. Thanks!

  3. THANK YOU!!! I’m helping out w/ a camp his week & I needed a bunch of quick games and these look perfect for the 100-ish K – 8th graders I’ll be working with. Fantastic! 😀

    • Sue you are a rockstar! You inspire these children every day and you are truly making a difference in the world, children are the future after all.

  4. This looks so much fun, but the best part of this entire post is your message at the end! I skip out on stuff ALL THE TIME because it’s too much work, or it won’t be perfect. Thank you for the reminder to do it anyway!

  5. Thank you for this. I was actually reading this to set up for a family game night at work, but what you said at the end rang true for my family situation as well! I am a full time working mom with 2 kids. My youngest’s 1st birthday was last month, and I spent so much time making sure everything was perfect that I barely spent any time with her at the actual party, and the rest of the time I had was spent working. My kids only get one childhood, and sometimes I spend so much unnecessary time making things ‘perfect’ that I forget… THANK YOU <3

  6. These games are great!!! Very creative, and funny to watch!!!

  7. As I was reading your blog, i felt as i was reading about myself….that’s it!! Ill just do it without worrying if I have thrings perfectly done or not. Thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts. I think I’ll do ok on my son’s 10th birthday:)


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