The Flour Game

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The Flour Game is so much fun. It’s perfect for gatherings with a variety of different ages because it can be played by anyone from a preschooler up to great-grandparents. This makes it a great option for family reunions or Christmas or Thanksgiving get togethers. It would also be great for a youth group event.

This flour game would be perfect for large parties, youth group events or family reunions because you can play with a wide range of ages.Another great thing about this game is that it takes very little prep and very few supplies. It can be played pretty much anywhere including outdoors so you could even play this when your family is camping.

Materials needed:

  • bowl
  • plate
  • knife
  • flour
  • LifeSavers or other small hard candies

Fill a bowl full of flour and pack it down. Continue to add flour until the bowl is full to the top and level it off. Place a plate over the bowl and carefully tip it upside-down and lift the bowl off, creating a mound of flour on the plate. Set a LifeSaver on top of the mound of flour.

The Flour Game squareEach player takes a turn cutting the flour trying not to allow the LifeSaver to fall. Players continue to take turns cutting the flour until the candy falls. The person that cuts the flour which causes the LifeSaver to fall has to then retrieve it with his mouth.

The Flour Game FBIt’s impossible to retrieve the candy without getting a face full of flour making this part quite funny! It’s also funny to see the attempts to retrieve the candy with minimum flour-face-coverage.

We played The Flour Game during our Just for Laughs Family Fun Night. Mackenzie was the first the end up fishing out the LifeSaver with his mouth. He did well retrieving it and only managed to get flour on his nose, mouth and chin but the others that followed after him weren’t so lucky! Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of that because I was laughing too hard and too engrossed in the game.

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