Sky Sensory Bottle

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We have been enjoying our sensory bottle creations and it is always fun to come up with new themes and ideas for them. I was inspired to make this sky sensory bottle after making our sky sensory bin and wanting to use the adorable parachute glider that was in the In the Sky toob I used to make that sensory bin.

A Sky sensory bottle to encourage exploration and imagination.After I made this sensory bottle, I was trying to take pictures of it inside where I normally take photos and my daughter Granola Girl insisted that Sky sensory bottles needed to be played with (and therefore photographed) outside! Granola Girl loves to be barefoot, loves to be outside and feel the grass between her toes. I never think to bring our sensory activities outdoors so it’s nice to have her to remind me to expand my way of thinking.

sky-sensory-bottle-squareShe was absolutely right about the sky sensory bottle belonging in the great outdoors! She practised her hand modelling skills while I took the pictures and then she ran off to explore with the sensory bottle, holding it up to the sky to see what it looked like with the sun shining through it. I’m so glad she has such a free spirit and reminds me of the beauty in simple things.

Materials needed:

Empty the water from the water bottle and then squirt some gel into the bottle and add an item from the In the Sky Toob. Continue to layer gel and items from the tube so that the items suspend in the blue “sky”.

sky-sensory-bottleAdd the lid and your sky sensory bottle is ready to use for play. If you have younger children, you may want to hot glue the lid in place so that they can’t open it. As with all sensory and exploration activities for kids, adult supervision is recommended.

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