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Being a mother of many certainly doesn’t make me a parenting expert but it does provide me with a lot of opportunity to practise. By the time I’m a grandparent, maybe I’ll have this parenting thing figured out!

Top Parenting Posts of 2015 from inside The Chaos and The ClutterI try hard to balance the line of maintaining my family’s privacy somewhat but also sharing with you things that have worked for us, strategies that help, situations that were challenging to handle, and thoughts about parenting in order to hopefully help other families.

In 2015, these were my 5 most viewed parenting posts:

#5. For the Mom who Doesn’t Feel Like Enough – I know that I am not the only mom who struggles with feelings of inadequacy. I hope that this brings a bit of encouragement and perspective.

#4. 5 Triggers for my Mommy Anger – In my attempt to stop yelling at my kids, I analyzed some of the common triggers. It seemed to resonate with other moms as well.

#3. Helping a Child Through Trauma – Parenting kids who’ve been affected by trauma has been the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. These strategies have helped us and them.

#2. Why I Marched my 12 Year Old Into the Police Station – When I shared this personal story publicly, I wasn’t expecting it to go viral and when it did, I was worried about what the response to such a controversial parenting decision would be but the response was overwhelmingly positive and I still get emails and questions about this one. While that was a hard day for me, I’m glad that some good came out of it in the form of people talking about it and considering what messages they are sending to their kids with some of their parenting decisions.

#1. Two Words That Will Transform Your Family – It makes me happy to know that this was my #1 parenting post in 2015 because it means that it helped a lot of families. Over 130,000 people read it so it had the potential to affect a lot of families. It has truly made a difference in our family, adding more peace into our home and I’ve had readers contact me expressing that it has done the same for their families as well.

I hope to continue to be write things that inspire or encourage other moms and that help families in the process. Let me know what you’d like to read more about and I’ll try to make that happen.

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  1. Mommy anger is a tough one for sure! I think a lot of us keep ourselves together but run out of steam by the end of the day when there just isn’t more to give.

    Thanks for participating in the Positive Parenting Posts series with The Jenny Evolution and for being such a fabulous member of our online parenting community 🙂

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution

  2. This is such a great roundup. I enjoy reading and following your blog. The parenting tips are wonderful. I will go back and read the ones I’ve missed:)

    Thank you,

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