Christmas Counting I-Spy Discovery Bottle

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This discovery bottle holds so many possibilities. It is both an I-spy game and a tool to help kids learn their numbers, all within a Christmas sensory bottle.

Christmas Counting I-Spy Discovery (Sensory) BottleMaterials needed:

  • epsom salt
  • small holiday shaped items – small holiday buttons work well
  • jingle bells (no sound from them though because they fill up with the epsom salt)
  • empty water bottle (I used a Voss water bottle because I like the look of them)
  • optional: clear or silver glitter

Start pouring some epsom salt into an empty water bottle, pausing here and there to throw in a few of your small items. Leave some space in the bottle so that it can be shaken and moved to find the items more easily.

Christmas I-Spy Counting Discovery BottleIn my Christmas sensory bottle, I put:

1 Christmas tree
2 gingerbread men
3 penguins with Santa hats
4 mittens (2 green, 2 blue)
5 snowmen
6 stars
7 snowflakes
8 red jingle bells
9 green jingle bells
10 mini Christmas lights

It’s amazing how much will fit in there!

I didn’t secure the lid of my Christmas sensory bottle because my kids are older and I thought we may need to open it again but for younger kids, I suggest securing the lid to the bottle once it’s filled. You can do this by using a hot glue gun.

It probably goes without saying, but since the discovery bottle contains small items, supervision of younger children is required even if you have secured the lid.

Christmas I Spy Discovery BottleNext, write or type up a list of the items in the bottle so that the kids can reference it when they are seeking. The reason I chose to add groupings of items is so that kids could practise counting as they tried to find items.

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