Christmas Ornaments Sensory Bag

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That season is fast approaching and with it, all the preparations and excitement. I find that my kids need extra sensory input around this time of year. This Christmas ornaments sensory bag is such an easy one to put together and fits with the holiday theme.

This sensory bag couldn’t be more simple. You only need 3 things to create this including the plastic bag! The nice thing about it being so simple is that you can so easily use ornaments you already have at home. I picked the ones I used up at the dollar store.

Christmas Ornaments Sensory BagChristmas Ornaments Sensory Bag

Materials needed:

  • resealable plastic bag
  • clear hand sanitizer
  • small, multi-coloured Christmas ornaments
  • optional: duct tape

To make the sensory bag, fill the resealable plastic bag about half full with the hand sanitizer. Add in the ornaments. Remove the excess air from the bag and seal.

If you are going to be giving this bag to younger children or if you want to prevent potential leaks, you can fold duct tape over all the edges. Using holiday duct tape can make it look better and add to the fun. There are lots of different types.

Of course, as with all sensory activities, adult supervision is recommended, especially as the small ornaments could be a choking hazard.

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