Pretty Princess Sensory Bottle

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This pretty princess sensory bottle was a big hit with my two youngest daughters. They loved the beautiful colours and shapes of course, but they also liked the sound. The beads from the plastic mardi gras necklace make a tinkling sound on their way down.

Little girls will love this pretty princess sensory bottle.My girls liked listening to the beads and watching the gems and confetti sink down. They also liked how pretty this sensory bottle was.

Materials needed:

Place the mardi gras beads, pink hearts, gems, and flower and butterfly shaped confetti in an empty water bottle and then fill it with water. Replace the lid. You can secure the lid with a hot glue gun if you are going to be using this princess sensory bottle with little ones. Adult supervision should of course be used with any sensory activity.

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If you want to, you can add some pink or purple glitter before you add the water and give the sensory bottle a good shake.

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