Spring Sensory Bottle

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I find inspiration for sensory activities at the strangest places. Looking through my cupboards, standing in line at the grocery store glancing at magazine covers, walking the aisles of the craft or dollar or hardware store, or even being outside can lead to an idea. They don’t always work out the way I envision they will, but this spring sensory bottle came together nicely.

Spring Sensory Bottle with butterflies, flowers and bugsI love the fresh colours of spring. That and a package of cute buttons were the inspiration behind this discovery bottle.

Materials needed:

To make this spring sensory bottle, pour the bottle of glue into an empty water bottle. Add warm water to almost the top of the bottle, put the lid on and shake well to mix. I added a bottle and a half of glue but it was a bit too much glue and the glitter stuck together, so I would recommend using only one bottle of glue.

Spring Sensory bottle squareOnce the water and glue are well mixed, take the lid off and add the glitter. Drop the small buttons and flowers into the bottle. The butterflies from the butterfly Toob are a bit too big to fit but if you bend the wings in, they go in easily and then their wings will open when they are past the smaller opening of the bottle.

Twist the lid back on and give the bottle a shake. The items and glitter will fall slowly because of the glue in the bottle which makes it a good calm down bottle.

Spring Discovery BottleIf you have little ones and are worried about the small parts being a choking hazard, you can secure the lid with a hot glue gun.

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