Rainbow Rainfall Sensory Bottle

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This Rainbow Rainfall Sensory Bottle costs very little to make and is so colourful. There is something cheerful about it. It also has an auditory sensory element to it with the beads falling in between the pieces of straw, creating a rainfall effect.

Rainbow Rainfall Sensory Bottle - This discovery bottle is easily made with straws and beads.I was inspired to make this sensory bottle because of the cheerful colours of the plastic straws we had in the cupboard. All of the materials I used were ones we already had in the house which makes for a very inexpensive project.

Materials needed:

To create this rainbow rainfall discovery bottle, cut the coloured straws with scissors and add them into the empty water bottle haphazardly. Don’t add all of one colour and then all of another colour unless you want to create a layered look because once they are in there, they won’t mix very much.

Rainbow Sensory Bottle squareAbout halfway through adding your straw bits, you can add a few of the small beads and once your bottle is almost full of the straw pieces, you can add more of the beads and top with another few plastic straw pieces to finish off before putting the lid back on.

If you leave enough space at the top, the beads and straws will create a rainfall effect when the discovery bottle is tipped upside down.

Rainbow Rainfall Sensory BottlePlease note: The beads can create a choking hazard for young children so supervision is recommended or you can use a hot glue gun to secure the lid in place.

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