Squishy Shark Sensory Bag

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The Ocean Sensory Bottle I made last month was one of the kids’ all-time favourites so I decided to make a sensory bag to go along with it. They loved our squishy Shark Sensory Bag.

Squishy Shark Sensory Bag - a fun sensory activity for toddlers and preschoolersTo make this shark sensory bag, I used what was left of the blue body wash we used for the Ocean Discovery Bottle and topped it up with some liquid hand soap. The liquid hand soap that I used was green so I added some blue food colouring to the bag to create a really vibrant blue. Then I just plopped some toy sharks into the bag and sealed it up.

Materials needed:

  • medium sized resealable bag (I used a freezer bag because I wanted it to be stronger)
  • blue body wash or liquid hand soap (or you can use both like I did)
  • small plastic sharks
  • optional: blue food colouring
  • optional: clear packing tape

Squeeze the body wash and/or liquid hand soap into the resealable bag. Fill it about half full. For a more vibrant blue colour, add some blue food colouring to this step and then squish it around to mix.

Shark Sensory Bag squareAdd some toy sharks to the bag. The ones I used were plastic and weighted because they are meant to be a diving toy in a pool. I bought them from the dollar store. Any small shark toys would work well.

Take out the excess air and seal the bag. If you are using this bag with little ones, I suggest that you fold a strip of packing tape over the top of the bag after sealing. This will ensure that the bag won’t get opened by little ones and that you won’t get goop on your floor!

Shark Sensory Bag FBFor toddlers, you can tape the bag onto a table to make it easier for them to move the sharks around. Of course, as with all activities, your child should be supervised while playing with their shark sensory bag.

This would a cute and easy way to create a sensory activity for Shark Week.

Ocean Sensory Bottle squareOcean Sensory Bottle

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