Our Best Sensory Bins

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Sensory bins are a wonderful tool for use not only with special needs children, but also with toddlers, preschoolers and school aged kids. They can be used at home, in daycares, preschools, camps, homeschools, and classrooms. They can even be created to be portable and taken on trips. Sensory bins need not be expensive or time consuming to make. So much learning, discovery and excitement can take place as a result of allowing your child or student to explore them.

Sensory bins are a big part of things for us around here. I thought it might be helpful for you if I put all of our most successful sensory bins in one place so that it’s easy to access. I will continue to add the kids’ new favourites as we make them.

Our Best Sensory Bins

For instructions on how to create a sensory bin, information about why they are so beneficial for children, relevant recipes, printable idea lists and more, get your copy of my ebook Sensory Bins: the What, the How & the Why for just $2.99.

You can click on any of the pictures or titles to go to each specific post and get details on what is in each bin and how I put them together.

Ocean Sensory Bin using a base of dry white rice

ocean sensory bin

Dollar Store Sensory Bin and ideas for other inexpensive sensory items

dollar store sensory bin

Penguin Sensory Bin made especially for Granola Girl’s love of penguins

penguin sensory bin

Christ-centered Easter sensory bin featuring Resurrection Eggs

Christ-centered Easter sensory bin

Valentine’s sensory bin in red, white and pink

Valentine's sensory bin
Winter sensory bin with many textures

Winter sensory bin

Zoo sensory bin using dry chickpeas and lentils as a base

Zoo Sensory Bin

Thanksgiving sensory bin including scented candle

Thanksgiving sensory bin

Puzzle sensory bin for Autism Awareness Day

puzzle sensory bin

Birthday sensory bin for our birthday theme unit

birthday sensory bin

Rainbow sensory bin which was obviously colourful and was one of the kids’ all-time favourites!

rainbow sensory bin

Pirate sensory bin complete with eye patch

pirate sensory bin

Spring sensory bin with rice dyed green as a base

Spring sensory bin

Magnet sensory bin with worksheets

magnet sensory bin

St. Patrick’s Day sensory bin

St. Patrick's Day green sensory bin

Knights and kings sensory bin fit perfectly with our history studies at the time and with the letter “K” theme

knights and kings sensory bin

Ice Cream sensory bin – if I were to do this one again, I would add some pompoms to add some variety in texture but the kids did have hours of fun with this bin

ice cream sensory bin

Horse sensory bin using hamster shavings

horse sensory bin

Gingerbread sensory table with scented gingerbread play dough

gingerbread sensory station

Fall (autumn) sensory bin made using popcorn seeds as the base

Fall sensory bin

Dinosaur sensory bin with triceratops bones for the kids to assemble

dinosaur sensory bin

Bugs sensory bin made a great introduction to learning about bugs and exploring outside

bugs sensory bin

Sensory bin for the letter “C” using things from around the house including chocolate chips just for fun

sensory bin for letter C

Frog sensory bin using dyed dry pasta as a base

frog sensory bin

I Spy sensory bin using dry black beans as a base with a corresponding list of items for the kids to find

I spy sensory bin

Garden Sensory Bin in a plastic pail

garden sensory bin in a pail

Summer Sensory Bin in a small inflatable boat

Summer Sensory Bin

Frozen Treasure Find made by layering items and water and freezing in batches in an ice cream pail

frozen treasure sensory findMonsters Sensory Bin using pompoms as a base

Colourful Monsters Sensory Bin

For instructions on how to create a sensory bin, information about why they are so beneficial for children, relevant recipes, printable idea lists and more, get your copy of my ebook Sensory Bins: the What, the How & the Why for just $2.99.

Sensory Bins Cover 3DSensory Bins is also available on Kindle, Nook and Kobo.

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  1. Wow! These are SOOO creative. What blessed kiddos you have! Thanks so much for linking up with What’s Hot in Homeschooling This Week.

  2. I love the puzzle sensory bin. I bet my oldest guy would love the challenge of sorting multiple puzzles. Thank you for all the great ideas. I’m glad you linked up with Tender Moments.

  3. I love your collection of ideas. I have a son on the spectrum and we have found sensory bins to be a great tool for his special needs!

  4. I like the penguins and cotton balls – super cute! Pinned!


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